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Motorcycle and Sexy Model Olla Theresia in Sexy Lingerie

You can choose between three different types of packages, each saving money compared to what you pay for each item separately. String month, the service sends you a belt for the time each month to make monthly payments. Tanga, who each receive is different, so they wait until May to see exactly what you get when you arrive at your home. Each belt is available in packages, so discreet, you can surprise your lover with him on his own. Do not worry about buying wrapping paper or ribbon, and each strap is a gift wrapped before it is sent. Imagine the look on his face when they receive a new manga every month!

The semi-annual Club Lingerie Thong includes the month, but has some advantages. In addition to his league will also receive monthly thongs, stockings, and a doll for his birthday. This club is responsible for every six months and still make money compared to regular rates.

Lingerie annual month Club is the luxury package with many suppliers of underwear. This includes all the benefits of Thong of the month and the semi-annual Club, but it can also be expected to stand, or a bag of clothes for his birthday, too. All bags of clothes by hand and have a timeless appearance. You can include your own elegant embroidery or beads, depending on whether you receive. Sexy lingerie has brocades, lace, leather, vinyl and corsets in stock. Save money while giving them the biggest surprise for her birthday, when a larger set which is in the mail. This package is billed once a year.

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