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Give Her Multiple Orgasms | Learn how to give her multiple orgasms

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Give Her Multiple Orgasms Learn how to give her multiple orgasms

Give Her Multiple Orgasms

By David Strovny Sex Education CorrespondentEvery Saturday

It seems that everyone is talking about multiple orgasms these days. What’s more is that it’s almost assumed that men have the necessary skills and abilities to give a woman an “O” face and make her come again and again. There’s a lot of pressure today for men to perform well and to know how to give a girl what she wants.

For some women multiple orgasms are like candy: they’re addictive, sweet and very satisfying. Orgasms that occur in succession, a steady stream of one after the other, are called the “serial multiple.” The “sequential orgasm” can be like a roller coaster ride interspersed with peaks and lulls with a few minutes between each incredible burst of ecstasy. Female orgasms can also be like scaling Mount Everest, a continuous buildup to one incredible peak.

All forms of orgasms are attainable, but it is up to the woman’s biology and preference to do so. It is folly to assume that she wants to ride that roller coaster or just scale Everest once in an evening. It is very important to communicate with her about what she wants and desires. Talk to her, listen to her and let her know that you want to pleasure her in the ways she wants. If she wants you to give her multiple orgasms, keep reading and put yourself in the know.

Create an atmosphere

Her comfort is paramount. In order to give her multiple orgasms, she’ll need to surrender herself to the experience, and she’ll need to be at ease to do so. You can help calm her mind and quell her inhibitions with a little environmental preparation that’s sure to put her on the road to sexual bliss. Clean sheets, downy pillows, tissues by the bed, soft lighting, and subtle scents in the air will aid in creating that easy atmosphere. Take a few minutes to clean your pad, take a shower and shave before she arrives. Also, set your cell phone to silent or turn it off. Finally, if she is a new or newer lover; cut the cord and remove any pictures that remain of your ex.

Sweet-talk her

While her body rests from its latest mind-blowing peak, keep the momentum and energy going with your mouth, mind, lips, and tongue. OK, you could go down on her, but I’m talking about keeping her mind sexually engaged and her body humming with sweet words. You will be able to maintain her physical desire if you describe and tell her how amazing she feels, how incredible she looks as she explodes, and how she’s driving you insane with her beautiful body. Be creative and inventive with your words. Women enjoy feeling a strong and firm grip on their body, so take hold of her as you ready her body for yet another orgasm. She’ll appreciate your pillow talk and physical desire. The sexier and more comfortable she feels, the more she’ll let go.

More ways to give her multiple orgasms

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