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Lena Tan ARTIS Sexy & Payudaranya menantang !! NO 3 di dunia !!

lena tan, beautiful girl chinese descent who became a famous actress in Indonesia, many people like to see her beautiful eyes, but has beautiful eyes, tan flax also has sweet lips …
To keep his eyes remained beautiful and healthy, lena tan always provide nutrients to the eyes, and knew about nutrition eye.
lena tan bugil, toket Gede
Eye nutrition. Including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet is a good way to get the proper nutrition to support eye health. Vitamins and minerals, such as, Vitamins A, C and E, zinc, selenium, folic acid benefit overall health, but are especially beneficial to eye health.
toket gede
Cabbage, carrots,, papayas, green peas, spinach and other green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, collard greens, turnips, broccoli, and kale are all rich in beta carotene and other eye nutrients. Liver, lean ground beef, egg yolks and seafood are also healthy for the eyes.
Eye nutrients you should consider incorporating in your diet include:
Bilberry:Bilberry has been used for centuries to support eye health. Its nutrients can help protect against eyestrain and fatigue. Bilberry also supports a healthy blood circulation to the eyes.
Vitamins: Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants. Vitamin A is well-known for its role in supporting eye health. Vitamin C nutritionally helps in tissue cell regeneration and supports healthy blood vessels. All three of these vitamins can help to protect the body, including the eyes, from free radicals. Vitamin A supports the regeneration of rhodopsin—which is found in the rod cells of the human eye.

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