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Ninja Saga Guide Facebook Games

There are 5 elements in the world of Ninja Saga. Ninja with different elements will have different stats and Jutsu. The NeOCharles in the official forum made a guide to help people choose their base element. And at the end of this guide, he recommended Fire or Earth as the best base build.
Ninja Saga is a casual ninja-themed web RPG in Japanese anime style. Train intensively and increase your skills to challenge and conquer enemies and monsters in different villages. Gain the experience, sharpen your techniques and challenge your friends in battles. Ninja saga have aplication at facebook, orkut and myspace

Ninja Saga Games
Ninja Saga Games
I made this guide for those not knowing on what to choose for a base element.. since the new update I think
this will be the stats when you became lvl 20 IF you go to a pure build well lets start:
WIND= 8% dodge rate, 20 agi which in other word you will always get the 1st strike thats all ^^ + 20% increased wind
FIRE= 8% increased damage to all ninjutsus, 8% chance for 30% damage increase, 20% increased fire jutsu
EARTH= +240hp, 8% chance to reflect 30% of damage and 20% on earth jutsu
LIGHTNING= 8% chance to crit, 16% chance to increase crit damage, and lightning 20% dmage
WATER= 8% chance to remove negative buffs, 240 chakra and water 20% damage
now for Jutsu damage ranked from 1st to last== FIRE,LIGHTNING,EARTH,WIND,WATER
now based from the above info i believe earth and fire are way too powerful elements as of now….especially if u combine them = IMBA since fire === high jutsu damage earth imba tank with the chance for a reflect damage and of all of it earth has the 2 turn stun for the grip
Advice for builds
always have fire or earth as base build
never choose wind or water as second nor base element
thunder or fire and earth are the best to combo with
fire and earth best build very high damage with perma stun
You can play this game at Application of facebook. For more information please visit at forum of ninja saga.

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