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Rieke Indrianty Sexy Swimsuit

Rieke Indrianty

Rieke Indrianty
Model Rieke Indrianty

Rieke Indriantymodel telanajng

model bikini

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Rieke Indrianty Model Bikini

Brazilians called strap Tanga, and promote the fact that when wearing a string under their clothes, panty lines are not visible. Also, increased sex appeal of a man's point of view, it seems that the woman wears a string of not wearing underwear.

Although you will not find in many fabric string bikini or string underwear, increasing its appeal in expert mode, and began to produce large belts of dollars for manufacturers and retailers. Quick on the scene were the fashion of women. They created the jeans that were marked "weak", while the belt distributors are quick to point out that the low rise jeans involves more than wearing thongs to young people, and the upper v-style allows on a belt to show his women sexy lingerie, in a way yet to reveal.

In 2000, two years after removal of the strap, Americans bought more than 123 million straps, doubling sales in 1998. Even more depressing to many people of older generations is that young parents have spent their hard dollars to buy strings for girls who were aged 10 to 16.

However, fashion trends come and go in May, but one thing is certain, though thong bikinis and strings are not as popular as they were in previous years, the thong bikini is here to stay. The only other fashion trends that have crept behind the bikini string bikini are Brazilians, and invented a bikini that Australians called Dos thong. With this type of belt, the straps on the back gently slide under the target plays rides, while the chains hook on the sides around the hips and shoulder straps bra.

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